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300 Hour Elemental Yoga Program

Thank you for you interest in our upcoming 300 Hour Elemental Yoga training.  We will be updating the site continually so keep checking back for more information.  In the meantime, please contact us directly, so that we may answer your inquiries.  Please allow us 48 hours to respond, as Safah is currently out of the country.


Elemental Yoga was founded from a deep search for a simple framework of conscious living that extends beyond any one system or religion.  Cross-culturally, the natural elements have long been used as a metaphor to describe certain qualities and actions of energy.  For example, physical properties ascribed to earth are stability, solidity.  To water, receptivity and cohesion.  Across the world, similar correlations of the elements have been given to various directions, colours, temperaments, body types, thinking styles and even illnesses.  The elements are seen as the building blocks of the manifest world, encompassing all physical, emotional, mental and spiritual phenomenon.

For us as individuals, our birth dictates the interaction of the elements, creating a particular body, mind and personality.  During the course of our life, our relationship and balance of the elements within, determines the quality of our health and life experience. 

A deeper relation with elemental forces opens us to the sacredness of all life, leading to a wider understanding of ourselves as nature, rather than something we need to return to.  It is from this wider aperture one can more easily cultivate balance, healing and a call to service that is not only unobstructed, but supported and guided on many levels.


The intention of this course is to understand and integrate the wisdom of the elements from various perspectives, with a strong focus on shamanism and tantra.  Students will develop living framework from which to assess imbalances of body, emotion and mind, and be provided with tools from asana to ritual to return themselves and those with whom they work back to balance.  From earth to spirit we will address a full spectrum of topics from anatomy and adjusting to the subtle body and ritual.


In the yoga sutras, Patanjali states that mastery of asana is acheived through a loosening of effort and by meditation on subtle energies.  This is axiom is one that should pervade regardless of the style of asana being practiced.  During our training we will explore the injection of deep subtle body awareness and cultivation through  Vinyasa, Yin, Kundalini and Tantric Hatha Yoga.  Through daily practice and study of subtle body languaging students will develop the ability to teach classes with a pranic approach regardless of the style of yoga they choose to offer.


  •  The study and daily practice of asana sequencing and flows specific to each element
  • Advanced kriya, pranayam and meditation techniques designed to support the asana practice and cultivate the strength of each element within the bodymind
  •  In depth exploration of each element from various cultural perspectives and their relation to the chakra system and indryas of Hatha yoga
  • How to assess elemental imbalances within the body/mind
  • Experience in teaching a range of adjustments from subtle energetic invitations to advanced hands on multi-point assisting
  • Introduction to shamanic practices that cultivate the strength of the elements within the individual
  • Pancha kosha (the five bodies of man) and their relation to the chakra sub levels, a foundation of knowledge for advanced yoga therapy
  • Exploration of your personal elemental composition through astrology
  • Special topics in Anatomy with Dr. Jessica Reed including functional anatomy and biomechanics within asana, postural analysis and basic injury assessment and management
  • Meridian theory and its application to teaching asana
  •  Introduction to the practice of Nada Yoga
  • Structuring and themeing elemental and chakra yoga classes
  • Modern and relevant discussion of Tantra, Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad Gita
  • The importance and practice of ritual
  • Introduction to western astrology as a tool for self-inquiry
  • Full day hiking excursion
  • Practice teaching and lecture with assessment upon topic of student´s choice



The course will be held on Vancouver Island in Parksville, British Columbia at the HotNCool Yoga Club.  For more information on the club please visit:


This training will be lead my Safah and Rory with cameo appearances by April Kuramoto, Dr. Jess Reed and other local teachers.




No training scheduled at this time

It is required that students have previously completed a 200 Hour YTT and declare themselves to be physically and mentally fit to attend the program.  All registrants must provide a non-refundable $150 application fee.  This can be put towards the cost of the course when paid in full.  Upon receipt of your application fee you will receive an application package which must be submitted to confirm your acceptance.

To pay the registration fee, please click the Paypal button below.  Upon receipt of your application fee we will email the application package.  If you have any trouble with this process or do not have a credit card please contact the school directly.