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Ceremonies in the Sacred Valley at Mana Rao (Mountain Medicine)


After years of working with larger groups at other centers, we began focusing on a more personalized and intimate ceremony experience. In this context we can take the time to assess the needs to the individual(s) and create a program tailored to suit. This allows us to offer one ceremony or a package of three to five over time, with the options of additional remedies, such as plant baths or vomitivos. Guests can also request personalized yoga classes or energy healing sessions. Ceremonies are held in the comfort of our home with the option for guests to stay on ceremony nights, or we can arrange private accommodation nearby.



It is important to understand ayahuasca is not right for everyone, nor is the intensity of the Shipibo style of ceremony. The tradition of Amazonian medicine is vast and there are many ways that ceremony is practiced throughout South America. Our goal is to provide you with enough information about our philosophy and approach, so that you can make a clear and informed decision.


Ayahuasca is a sacred medicine and should be approached with respect and humility. In that spirit, it is important to ask yourself what is calling you to work with the medicine. Physical illness, emotional/mental well-being and/or connection to the world of plants are all excellent reasons for reaching out. We have found that guests simply looking to have an ‘experience’ or ‘try ayahuasca’ rarely receive anything from sitting. If the intention is not well reasoned, the medicine will often respond with the same lack of lucidity. Coming with a clear intention as to what you are looking to receive, is like telling a teacher what you are looking to learn. It provides the teacher with a starting point and gives you a point of reference for the metaphors ayahuasca will weave.

Drying after floral baths in the Andean sunshine.

Drying after floral baths in the Andean sunshine.


The safety of our guests is of paramount at Body of Prana, we therefore require all guests to fill out a thorough questionnaire regarding their physical, psychological and pharmaceutical history. Through this screening we ascertain if ayuasca is appropriate at this time. In certain cases of more complex trauma we may recommend you begin with other remedies and come to ceremony to receive icaros (healing songs) without drinking or drinking very little to begin with. If more detail is needed to make a final decision, a screening call may be required.


For more information on the effects of ayahuasca and the Shipibo style of holding ceremony please visit our page: Working with Ayahuasca.


Mana Rao means mountain medicine in Shipibo and the power of these great teachers is felt the moment you arrive. Ceremonies at Mana Rao are held in in the beautiful area of Huaran, in the sacred valley of Peru. The area is very quiet and is located between the towns of Calca and Urubamba. We are cradled at the base of sacred Apu Pitusiray which stands tall at 4,991m or 16,375 ft. We have chosen this sacred area, as the energy of the land and mountains initiates a healing process before we even drink ayahuasca.

It is a blessing to experience ceremony in the presence of the magestic Apu Pitusiray.

It is a blessing to experience ceremony in the presence of the magestic Apu Pitusiray.

We run the ceremonies out of our four bedroom home that boasts a beautiful garden and lots of natural light. There are many places to rest and reflect, from the hammock by the property stream, to the warm fireplace. We have a growing library of books to choose from and encourage our guests to grab a cup of tea and make our house, your own. To us, having a warm and receptive environment is a big part in relaxing into the work and allowing it to go as deeply as possible.

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Each room boats a large window with lots of natural lighting. We are able to accommodate a maximum of five guests, as we have two rooms with a double bed and one room with a single.

Hike of Arin waterfall behind Mana Rao. Hike is approximately three hours, and starts right from our doorstep.

Hike of Arin waterfall behind Mana Rao. Hike is approximately three hours, and starts right from our doorstep.

We will be posting photos of the house and accommodation shortly as we have just taken possession as of Jan. 2019.


Vapor bathing in our back gardens with local medicinal plants is one of the traditional treatments offered at Mana Rao.

Vapor bathing in our back gardens with local medicinal plants is one of the traditional treatments offered at Mana Rao.

Once we have discussed your medical and psychological history and current goals, we will select an appropriate number of ceremonies. Typically it ranges from 3-5 but can be more or less depending on the time you have available. In that range of ceremonies we may elect to take rest days, in which you can stay with us at Mana Rao and explore the surroundings.

We will also decide if we need time before partaking in ceremony to have vapor baths and vomitivos to do an initial cleaning before ceremony. For those coming with heavier case loads it is safer to do an initial cleaning before coming into ceremony to make the experience less challenging. We also can offer yoga classes and energetic healing during the day, should you prefer this also.


  • Initial Consultation and Ceremony $200/person*

  • Additional Ceremonies $150/person*

  • * fee includes accommodation for the ceremony evening and breakfast the following morning. Any prescribed plant remedies are also included.

  • Each additional meal that is provided will be $10/person.

  • Accommodation for any additional nights is $55/person.

  • Energetic Alignment one hour session with Safah is $60. (for more information visit the energetic alignment page.)

  • Laundry services are available on site free of charge.


From Lima, book a flight to Cusco. The taxi (which we can arrange for a good price) will drive you to Huaran located between Urubamba and Calca. If you are coming from Pisac or Urubamba you can also take a collectivo (local bus) for a minimal charge and disembark at Huaran.

Coming from Pisac

Coming from Pisac direction you will pass through the village of Arin and next will be Huaran. On the map you will see the marker for Huaran and the turn is the next right. You will see a sign for a wonderful cafe called Viva Peru. Turn right on to the gravel road.

Coming from Urubamba

From Urumabma you will head towards Huaran. On the map you will see the marker for Huaran. Please take the left hand road BEFORE the marker. You will notice on the map a marker for Viva Peru cafe. This is the gravel road you will turn left on.

We will provide a detailed description from the gravel road personally for guests.