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Energetic Alignment Sessions


Many years ago Safah struggled with the of the maladies of western living: a lack of integrated community, a sense of futility at work, no sense of a clear future and being surrounded by more concrete than trees. Depression and anxiety skyrocketed and after almost a decade exhausting the avenues of occidental medicine, she turned to more ‘alternative’ means. She was blessed to meet her first teacher and train in the comprehensive system of Pranic Healing founded by Master Choa Kok Sui. In a very short time she realized the efficacy of being able to clean, align and empower the energetic system, a system known for centuries in the east, to play a pivitol role in physical, emotional and mental wellness. In her later studies, she apprenticed under other accomplished energy healers of other modalities and started teaching what she had assembled. When Safah started to work with the Shipibo healers she found that the two systems complemented and informed one another greatly. With the help of her maestro she was introduced to plants that further increased her capacity to assess and treat the energetic system.

 Depending on treatment required techniques can be hands on or off.

Depending on treatment required techniques can be hands on or off.