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Pranic Healing


In many sacred traditions around the world from shamanism to tantra to occultism, awareness and mastery of the four elements is considered a gateway that must be passed through on the journey of self-awareness .  It is clearly defined as one of the three stages (stithi) of the traditional tantric sadhana.  When we are aware of how to effectively bring these elements into balance, in our environment and within ourselves, we reside in the centre point of all possibility.  

This four-day silent journey will serve to open and establish a personal relationship with each powerful element.  Both theoretical information and practical exercises will be shared.  To further increase the potency of our sadhana (practice) we will be taking mauna (silence) and simplifying our diet for the entirety of the retreat.


One of the greatest secrets of mastery is cultivating our personal power.  As soon as we seek wisdom, love and/or validation outside of ourselves, we effectively give our power over to others.  We must learn and repeatedly practice slowing down to cultivate an inner silence, that we may clearly hear our own inner wisdom.  Modern life can make one feel as if they are too busy or laden with too many responsibilities to find time for personal retreat.  For some, we may lack the self-discipline required to work and create lasting shifts in personal awakening.  When we join as a sangha (like-minded, spiritual family) we can create an environment that supports and encourages processes that may lead to a more abiding sense of self.

In terms of the elements, we will learn how each element relates to, and affects the body/mind balance.  My learning about the qualities of the various elements and how to work with them, we can empower the functioning of our feelings, thoughts and physical health.