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Energetic Alignment Sessions


Many years ago Safah struggled with the of the maladies of western living: a lack of integrated community, a sense of futility at work, no sense of a clear future and being surrounded by more concrete than trees. Depression and anxiety skyrocketed and after almost a decade exhausting the avenues of occidental medicine, she turned to more ‘alternative’ means. She was blessed to meet her first teacher and train in the comprehensive system of Pranic Healing founded by Master Choa Kok Sui. In a very short time she realized the efficacy of being able to clean, align and empower the energetic system. This system known for centuries in the east, plays a fundamental role in the establishment and maintenance of physical, emotional and mental wellness. In her later studies, she apprenticed under other accomplished energy healers of other modalities and started teaching what she had assembled. When Safah started to work with the Shipibo healers she found that the two systems complemented and informed one another greatly. With the help of her maestro she was introduced to plants that further increased her capacity to assess and treat the energetic system.

Depending on treatment required techniques can be hands on or off.

Depending on treatment required techniques can be hands on or off.


Flowing within our bodies a river of intelligent life force that performs vital life-sustaining functions within the human body. When the systems delivering this river, are aligned flowing, the physical body performs well and we experience a sense of emotional and mental well being.

However, there are times when we can experience continued fatigue, anxiety, depression, anger or hopelessness. If these emotions remain for a prolonged period, often physical illness can follow. Physical illness can be a signpost, alerting us to emotions that have not been addressed or even acknowledged.

Heavy emotions, poor environments, diet, relationships, toxic thinking and a myriad of other things can shut down the flow of life force throughout our bodies. Humans absorb prana from the sun, air and earth through the chakra points and hundreds of smaller meridian points throughout the body. Often in our modern lifestyle access to the natural elements is also limited, further affecting the ability of the energy system to function. The health of the human body/mind is dependent on its ability to absorb, distribute, and utilize this life force essence.

Our energy body is made up of layers that can store memory, from traumatic events, shocks and even ancestral history. It can be very difficult to access these layers of affectation through talk therapy or occidental medicine alone. These therapies can often alleviate symptoms but may have difficult accessing the root of the problem. Shamanism and energy medicine are modalities which can effectively address these layers. Energy medicine is recommended as an adjunct and support to traditional therapies. It is a complimentary approach that adds to the practice of medicine. When both systems are used in an integrative manner, healing takes place more completely and quickly.


Safah has experience working with everything from sports injuries, to addiction, to assisting individuals to ease the transition from the physical plane. Even if there is nothing ostensibly out of alignment, the sessions can provide a general sense of well-being and calm for the client.


Ayahuasca is a medicine of incredible efficacy, and one that should be approached with patience and respect during the entire process. This process begins when you commit to attending a ceremony or retreat and ends several months after you have returned home. Integration of what is learned from this teacher is what distinguishes the experience from a vacation to a life transforming experience.

After the ayahuasca experience many people report feeling many similar challenges with integration:

  • A sense of isolation or inability to communicate about their experience

  • Increased energetic sensitivity

  • A sense of disconnection from insights gained during the retreat

  • Overwhelm with the pace of modern life

  • Strong desire for community of like-minded individuals

It is often helpful to reach out to individuals with years of medicine and integration experience for guidance. Safah can provide a sympathetic ear and helpful suggestions to transition the ‘experience’ of ayahuasca into an embodied reality.


  • 60 minute distance healing session. Clients will receive an assessment of their energetic system, re-alignment and protection, as well as receive feedback and suggestions for maintaining energetic health. The time for the session is set in advance and the client is asked to be in a relaxed and receptive state during the healing hour. Session are $60USD with payment via paypal.

  • 60 minute in-person healing session at her home in the sacred valley, Peru. $60 USD/session.

  • Online coaching session regarding energetic health maintenance, learning to employ effective and potent tools from energy medicine, yoga and Shipibo shamanism. Great for people wanting to learn more about energy medicine, clearing and protection techniques, or tools of Shipibo shamanism. Safah has been teaching about the subtle body for over ten years. Coaching sessions are $20/15 minutes. For a package of sessions please contact Safah directly to discuss pricing.

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