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Our Team

Felix Durden - Founder

Tobacco is an important tool in maintaining connection to the plant spirits. Photo credit: Amanda Jensen

Tobacco is an important tool in maintaining connection to the plant spirits. Photo credit: Amanda Jensen

Felix (Soi Pino in Shipibo) first began his medicine journey attempting to heal from Lyme disease contracted in 2008. At its worst, he experienced a wide array of symptoms: anxiety attacks, memory loss, brain fog, and organ failure. After little success with conventional treatment, his research led him to consider exploring ayahuasca as an alternative. In 2013 Felix traveled to Peru to receive the medicine, and after experiencing relief from his symptoms, decided to stay on long term to learn more about traditional healing modalities. Felix has spent the last five years working closely with the medicine and the Shipibo people. For the first two years of his apprenticeship Felix worked at well-established amazonian center assisting over 1000 people in ceremonies. Felix later left to go to Pucallpa receive more in depth healing and instruction with his maestro. Through the medicine he was able to find incredible healing and relief from the pains of Lyme. Through his maestro’s lineage, he has been given full permission from his teacher to serve medicine and to provide healing diets. With the blessing of his teacher Felix holds this medicine with great love and respect, and has a deep passion for service.

 safah roberts - Founder

Safah (Soi Kete in Shipibo) brings a wide variety of skills to the team and has been dedicated to the medicine for over eleven years. Residing in India for several years, she trained in yoga, specializing in breathwork and study of the subtle or energy body. She ran her own yoga school for over five years and lead yoga trainings worldwide from 2011-2015. Through this work she gained extensive experience facilitating groups through deeply personal and transformational experiences.

Photo Credit: @yogicasino

Photo Credit: @yogicasino

Safah has been deeply involved in the study and practice of energetic healing for over fifteen years. Originally certified in Pranic Healing and given permission to teach, she has since studied with many teachers of various modalities to broaden her repertoire of skills. She has been working with the Shipibo to learn energetic healing directly from the plants and brings this highly specialized work into the ceremony space.

Facilitating for various medicine centers in Peru, she has acquired a strong repertoire of emotional/mental processing tools that help to bridge western pathology and understanding with the Shipibo paradigm of healing. Honoring the Shipibo lineage, she continues to study and diet with her maestro Soi in his community of Nueva Betania.

Scott Hussa - facilitator

As an adoptee from South Korea and raised in the United States, he has been exploring his understanding of identity, family, community, and society throughout his life. Scott spent 6 months in Japan, before making his way to Seoul. What was initially going to be a one-year living abroad experience became an eleven-year exploration of his ethnic background and culture.


While in Korea he was involved in three startup businesses and spent his last five years working as an Executive Coach and Training Program Consultant. He studied Journalism and Advertising at the University of Oregon.

Scott’s innate curiosity lead him to Peru in 2014, and he quickly found himself working at a medicine center facilitating guests in retreat. Known for his compassion and presence, Scott has been working full time as a facilitator for the last several years and is currently apprenticing with his Shipibo maestro Laura Lopez.

SEAN CHIDDY - Psychotherapist and integration consultant


Sean is a Psychotherapist and Integration Consultant with extensive medicine experience. He provides remote sessions by telephone or Skype, for individuals, couples and groups. His professional background includes training as a Psychologist, in Australia, where he was registered and in good standing with the NSW Psychologists Registration Board (Now Psychology Board of Australia), from 2007; prior to relocating to the UK in 2010, where he received further training as a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist at Kings College London. He is currently registered and in good standing with the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy (BABCP). He has also completed significant additional training and personal practice in mindfulness, healing meditation, life coaching and other approaches to healing and integration.

Ayahuasca Integration sessions are to help you bring what is arising in your life into a sense of harmony and order and to gain traction with new directions. Working with ayahuasca is a potent catalyst for change. It can bring a great sense of inspiration and new potential; but there can be periods when this is accompanied by feelings of doubt, fear, uncertainty or confusion. The transition process is not instant, and sometimes it feels like everything is falling apart even before we have a clear sense of what might replace it.

Things you used to do may not seem interesting or appropriate anymore. Your relationships may be shifting and changing. Your priorities may be changing, sometimes dramatically. It may seem like you can’t quite resolve something that has arisen or you might want to make more sense out of our new ways of being. Sometimes you might just be feeling stuck and in need of some help working through things from a professional who has an understanding of working with plant medicines.

Sean will work with you compassionately, drawing on a range of self-inquiry methods and practical strategies drawn from his professional training, experience as a psychotherapist and his personal understanding of working with plant medicines, to help you confidently process and integrate what you are facing. His goal is that you feel well supported through your integration process and emerge feeling more and more self-confident and living with increasing joy and fulfillment. For more information about Sean or to book a session please visit:

Kerry Moran, M.A., LPC - Integration Therapist

Psychotherapist and integration consultant

Kerry lives in the Sacred Valley of Peru, and works, locally and internationally, as a therapist supporting the integration of ayahuasca. Her profession draws together all her life experience—30 years of Buddhist meditation practice, 18 years of living abroad, and the many tools, practices and perspectives she’s developed in two decades as a depth psychotherapist.

KM QR2.jpg

She’s worked intensively with ayahuasca for the past five years, and has completed more than a dozen plant dietas with a tabaquero in Iquitos. Other plants she considers her teachers are iboga and San Pedro. She’s particularly interested in the ways both ayahuasca and the plantas maestras of dieta work with deeply embedded blockages and patterns to gradually and gently (sometimes quickly and fiercely!) heal and release, opening us to higher levels of understanding.

Kerry’s therapeutic approach blends depth psychology (Jung, Hillman) with the nondual teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, and a profound respect for what the body is saying in the present moment. She’s completed professional trainings in Somatic Experiencing, EMDR and Systemic Family Constellation Work. Other methods she draws on include Focusing, EFT, dreamwork, archetypal astrology, and embodied ways of working with trauma and attachment.

Her way of working is supportive, compassionate, and aims to get at the root of things, so that you can navigate through life with grace and an increasing sense of wholeness. She firmly believes that shadow needs to be integrated with the Light, and has many ways of working with the rough stuff, the dark side, the unconscious and unknown. What she offers is not just transcendence, but grounded, practical approaches—spiritual, emotional, and somatic—to your integrative work, along with intuitive, intelligent support.

Visit her website,, to read more about ayahuasca integration, or to book a personal integration session by Skype.